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12 June 2020 | Camp, Hike

to the
Scrub and

By Tommi.

Welcome to The Scrub and Shovel

Fellow adventurers, dreamers, sweet souls with broad horizons, and general devotees of fresh air. I’d like to warmly welcome you to the inaugural online newsletter, The Scrub and Shovel. Paying homage to our long-standing ethos, I’m here to have a laugh with you, take your hand, and guide you through the nitty gritty of the outside life. I will deliver hard won lessons straight from my dusty boots and calloused hands. Together we will explore the how-to’s and how-come’s of the most important outdoor skills others would overlook. 

Who knows what broad horizons we may yet reach together, what distant bounds we may cross – and isn’t that the point of adventure? Far from mere descriptions of product and place, we can delve into the philosophy of wilderness, the poetics of place… and the etiquette of the humble scrub squat.

What else? We can weigh the merits of pushing boundaries and exploring the ‘new’ or ‘new to you’. I can teach you all the cool words to say to make it sound like you were born climbing, camping, or diving. We can re-think the basics, like how to tie your shoes or understand where north is (beyond Never Eat Soggy Weetbix). We can deep dive into the frontal lobe and its expeditionary consequences, then resurface for a little ditty on ‘dabbling’ or moderate adventure. Gosh, we can even go into excruciating detail about minute things, like the construction of your water bottle or the benefits of a reef knot.

Still not convinced? Then perhaps we will pivot to that primordial life sustainer of us all, and talk camp recipes. Fire up the lightweight stove and get ready to knock everyone’s camping socks off.

So lace your boots, open your laptop, and get ready to be inspired. 

Until our next adventure…

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