First Time Rogaining

18 November 2021 | Hike


By Juanita.

If you were looking at doing an outdoor activity with the family and the kids, this could be the event for you. Rogaining even though it is an event of navigating to control points to collect points, it also has a time limit on it. This is something you can run or do at your own pace. It is strategic but also a lot of fun.

Juanita and Chris recently competed in SA Rogaining’s Minigaine, a 3-hour time event through Adelaide parklands.  Rogaining normally requires a compass and a map but because there were plenty of landmarks to work off the map to the next control point, this was a great starter event for Juanita.

Before you even set off, there is a lot of planning that needs to happen. How many points will I be able to collect?  Will going to extra control points allow me to get back on time? How fast will I be able to walk? What is the terrain?  Once we have worked out the control points, how far is that on the map? It is strategic and a team event.

After a brief safety talk, everyone was off and either running or walking. There were people of all ages, young people, families, older people – rogaining does not discriminate. The best part of participating was seeing kids running to log in to the next control point.

After walking just over 13kms, navigating to find the control points all around Adelaide parklands, along the Torrens and along West Terrace, and to get back to the start point within the allotted time, Juanita and Chris came in 87th.

Juanita found it a lot of fun, with great like-minded people around, being a part of a team and was a different way to spend time in the outdoors. Juanita is now excited to compete in an event through bushland with a compass and map to test her skills in 2022. 

If this is something you think you would like to do, do not hesitate. Grab the kids, a friend, a team and give it a go.

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