Top 5 northern Adelaide walks: Black Hill Conservation Park

06 July 2020 | Hike


By Neil.

Why Black Hill? 

The park gets its name from the beautiful sheoaks that dot its hillsides. As the foliage of these trees matures in late summer, they take on a very dark appearance that looks black when viewed from the Adelaide plains below.

Wildlife at Black Hill

Abundant wildlife in the park also makes it a great place to visit. Keep an eye out for koalas, kangaroos, and the solitary echidnas who frequent the park.

My walk in Black Hill Conservation Park

There are far too many trails in the park to be able to mention here, but if you have only a limited amount of time on your hands and are looking for a short walk to test the legs, I always enjoy this one. The walk starts from the very eastern end of Addison Ave Athelstone and takes a track to Black Hill summit. 

Trail notes

  1. Upon entering the park, head east for about 50m then turn right onto the summit trail. The trail starts quite wide but soon becomes a single track. Following this trail all the way to the summit. Don’t forget to turn around every now and then to take in some great views of the plains below. 
  2. Once at  the summit cairn , follow the trail for approx another 30m and turn left onto Black Hill track. An easy 1.5km walk brings you to Banksia track. 
  3. Turn left at Banksia Track and follow the trail for approx 300m.
  4. Take the left fork along the Yurrebilla Trail.  Keep going until you reach Ghost Tree Trail.
  5. Turn left at Ghost Tree Trail and take this all the way through the valley until you reach Joann track. 
  6. Turn left at Joann Track and follow this trail all the way back to the start of your walk at Addison Ave.

This walk is a great alternative to the Classic Mt Lofty walk as there are far fewer people and no bitumen track to walk on. At a good pace you should complete this walk in around 90min. If you are a little slower on the hills, add up to an hour longer.

Hope you enjoy the walk!

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